From an early age, children are exposed to singing. Whether they are sung to sleep by a parent or hear it in their favourite TV show, the exposure is there. There are many benefits of children singing that give them an advantage at an early age.

  • Children singing cause the brain to perform multiple tasks at once. This helps to develop memory. From remembering lyrics to remembering a cue to start singing, the brain learns to be able to handle more tasks that it is required to perform simultaneously.

  • Children singing encourages deep breathing, getting more oxygen to the brain.

  • Children singing teaches opposites, from fast and slow to loud and quiet. A child will learn to be able to differentiate between opposite tasks.

  • Children singing gets the endorphins flowing in the brain. This causes the body to feel good and increases the brains activity.

  • It helps a child learn to concentrate on a task.

  • One of our favourite benefits of children singing is that it can help to develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

Although there are countless benefits of children singing, they may not necessarily be evident as your child grows. This isn’t to say they aren’t helping!

Aids language development

There are many parts to a child’s language development that the benefits of children singing can help to develop. Below are some ways that the benefits of children singing can develop their language:

  • Self-expression

  • Vocal imitation

  • It gives self-confidence and helps aid a child in wanting to communicate with others

  • It helps to strengthen the lips and tongue through exercise, which is then stored through muscle memory

  • It helps a child speak more clearly and helps to teach them a greater variety of vocabulary

  • It helps a child learn how to keep a rhythm and learn how to rhyme words

  • Children learn the importance of listening in order to learn their favourite songs. They learn how to enjoy listening to things and how to think about things while they listen.

  • Being part of a group or choir can give children a feeling of belonging and can help them make friends

Aids learning

There are many benefits of children singing that can help a child learn. The alphabet is taught with the ‘ABC’ song. Quite often, a foreign language is often taught through singing. It aids learning to remember phrases with greater accuracy. Through something as simple as taking a song a child already knows, such as ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and changing the words accordingly, you can aid learning in anything from science and history to the English language!

Singing makes everything more fun for children and lightens the heart, one of the greatest benefits of children singing. It creates a sense of togetherness. It can comfort a child when they feel sad and banishes boredom when they are agitated. Singing causes the mind to focus and the body to relax!