Terms & Conditions


  1. Ideally fees are paid monthly. Weekly payments may be facilitated upon request.

  1. The School should receive fees by the first class of the month. Any late payments may incur a 5% to cover admin costs.

  2. The only method of payment is via contactless card payment, online bank transfer / BACS. An email will be sent containing all payment details.

  3. All fees are non-refundable. If a pupil has a long-term illness or injury, fees may be refunded at the Principal’s discretion. This does not include minor illness or holidays taken during the term. Leave of absence may be granted if the principal receives 4 weeks written notice.


  4. Parents of children under the age of 7 years old must remain on the premises at all times whilst their child is in attendance at Connect Academy due to our insurance policy. This still applies during the period of COVID-19 restrictions.

  5. On the rare occasion that a class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled, usually during the school holidays. If this is not possible, any fees already paid for the scheduled class will be subtracted from the next month’s fees.

  6. On the rare occasion that classes cancelled for circumstances beyond the School’s control. If it is necessary to cancel a class due to adverse weather conditions / a force majeure, class fees will be refunded.

  7. Students must be on time to class, and be picked up on time.

  8. All classes run back to back on the timetable. Students must arrive ready to start their class. The following items will be allowed in:
    - footwear for class – ballet/jazz/tap shoes
    - roll mat (Modern classes)
    - a water bottle.
    - medication (if required for class)

  1. Mobile phones must be silenced and out of sight for the duration of the class.


  2. Following advice from the NHS, students should not attend class if they or anyone in the household have any of the following symptoms or have done in the previous 10 days:

    • New, continuous cough

    • High temperature

    • Loss or change of your sense of taste or smell

  1. Your child should not attend class if the following applies:

    • If you have symptoms of coronavirus

    • If you have tested positive for coronavirus

    • Someone in your household has tested positive or has symptoms of coronavirus

    • You are told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace

    • You arrive in the UK from a country with a high coronavirus risk – see GOV.UK: how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK

  1. If your child or anyone in your household has any of the following you must inform Miss Clare immediately:

    • Symptoms,

    • Tests positive for COVID-19,

    • Is asked to self-isolate

    • Has been in close contact with anyone who tests positive for COVID-19

  1. If we are informed by any of our student’s families that they have experienced any of the above, we will discuss the situation with NHS Test and Trace and notify any families who may be affected immediately.

  2. In class, if a student becomes unwell with Coronavirus symptoms, the teacher will ask them to move to a safe, well ventilated and supervised space where they can keep 3m away from others. The teacher will assess whether it is safe and reasonable to ask them to wear a mask and will provide a single-use disposable mask to the dancer. The teacher will then contact the parent to collect their child. Anything that they have touched will be cleaned adequately and parents of all dancers attending that class (or any class where the symptomatic child has danced in) will be notified by email to monitor their dancer for symptoms.


  3. Students wishing to discontinue their classes at the School must give 4 weeks notice in writing, otherwise 4 weeks fees will be charged. 


  4. Dancing is a physical skill and in order to help and facilitate the student’s learning, the teacher may physically guide a movement by touch. This will be in a professional manner and the intention of the contact will be made clear. Please contact the Principal if you have any queries about this.


  5. We ask all students to wear the recommended uniform for each class. The uniforms ensure students look elegant and feel confident in their surroundings. Uniforms can be ordered through the school, please contact info@connectacademy.uk or speak to Margaret.

  6. Footwear is required for all classes, even during our trial sessions. Our ballet classes require pink leather ballet shoes and our modern classes require either black jazz shoes or ballet shoes, Tap classes require tap shoes.

  7. Hair should always be off the face and neckline, neat and tidy. From Pre-Primary and upwards a bun or similar is required. Shorter hair should be held back securely with clips and/or a hair band.

  8. For safety reasons, jewellery must not be worn in lessons.


  9. The Connect Academy Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times:

    We expect all dancers to:

    • respect all teaching staff;

    • treat all other pupils as you would wish to be treated yourself;

    • come to every class with a positive attitude;

    • always ask for help if you need it;

    • consistently try your best;

    • wear correct uniform and footwear;

    • ensure hair is neat and tidy.

  1. No food or drink should be brought into class with exception of water.

  2. Parents and carers are asked to ensure their children are well behaved at all times whilst getting ready for class and that siblings have an activity to occupy them whilst waiting.

  3. Students and parents/carers are expected to demonstrate mutually respectful behaviour to teaching staff, fellow students and the halls. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to leave the school. Bullying is not tolerated and should be brought to the Principal’s or class teacher’s attention immediately.


  4. Please notify the Principal and School of any medical issues or learning difficulties that may affect your child’s learning, however big or small it should be. This can help us to help them.

  5. Any injuries should be discussed with the teacher prior to, or at the beginning of, class.


  6. Connect Academy offers examinations, presentations and Class Awards for the ISTD syllabus. Entry for any examination, presentation or class award is at the discretion of the class teacher and the Principal. Parents/Carers and students will informed when the required level is achieved.

  7. Examinations, Presentations and Class Awards are not compulsory but are encouraged.

  8. Students wanting to participate in examinations must attend regularly and must attend the required exam rehearsals. Students who do not adhere to our ‘Examination Terms and Conditions’ risk being withdrawn from the examination without a refund (further details will be available upon invitation to take the examination).


  9. Students are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk. Connect Academy does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen.


  10. Parents are not permitted to watch the classes, as this can be distracting for pupils. Previously, we have given parents an opportunity to watch their children during a designated “Watching Week” at the end of the autumn and summer terms.

  1. If watching class, parents are asked to refrain from talking and to turn mobile phones to silent. All calls should be answered outside the hall.


  2. The School may wish to take occasional photographs or videos of our students for advertisement of the School. The use of these can include our website, social media and printed material. Please see our GDPR consent form for more information.

  3. Parents are permitted to take photos on watching day unless another parent in the class objects on the day. The teachers will always ask everyone’s permission before the demonstration class begins. We ask parents to refrain from recording/videoing the class for child protection and copyright reasons.


  4. All invoices and other materials will be presented via email. Parents/Carers must provide a valid email address for this purpose and ensure that such email from Connect Academy is not considered SPAM.

  5. When you give us your details we promise to keep them secure and not share them with a third party.

  6. We may use your data to contact you in relation to;
    · News updates about the school
    · Information relating to lessons/exams/show details
    · Invoicing
    · Emergency notifications (such as changes to planned lessons, cancellations etc.)
    · Records of invoices paid and outstanding (and any agreed payment terms)
    · Any other information relevant to the school and your/ your child’s lessons and progress.
    In addition, we will use any data relating to medical conditions to ensure that we are able to provide a safe environment for you/your child.

  7. By ticking the ‘School Information and Marketing’ on the GDPR Consent form you agree to:
    · Connect Academy sending information that is relevant to you/your child's dance education by phone, email, text and written communication.
    · Connect Academy holding and processing data in relation to your/your child’s medical condition.
    Please note that you may withdraw this consent at any time by notifying us at our main business address.

  8. The Principal should be notified of any change in contact details and/or health issues.


  9. The school timetable may be subject to change. Parents/carers will be notified of any changes.

  10. Dancing is a physical activity and contains a certain amount of risk. Students taking part in any of our classes or events run by Connect Academy do so at their own risk.

  11. If students and/or parents break the terms and conditions, they may be asked to leave by the Principal and no refund given.

  12. Any queries and complaints should be addressed to the Principal only.

  13. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Coronavirus Risk Assessment is available on request. Please contact the Principal for more information.

The school rules are designed to enhance your children’s learning and enjoyment of the dance experience and help maximise their full potential.

If you have any queries regarding our policies, please contact the principal, Miss Clare